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"From a butterfly in a spreading my wings" A Member's Touching Interview

Meet one of our amazing members, JAMES WILHITE with Meta Credit USA. James has a life story that is unbelievably inspiring! A story that only he can tell and I hope he writes a book for all young people to read very soon (nudge nudge 😉).

He moved to Tucson in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, without knowing anyone.

I interviewed him recently to understand what attracted him to The L Offices, and how it has helped him in business.

“I was walking down the street and saw a sign for coworking so I walked in to see it. The gal at the desk was friendly, and I saw it had a gym with showers, and was close to my home.”

James became a member shortly after and continued to tell us about his experience.

“The L helped me build a presence in the Tucson community. It’s given me a physical location that I can say I work from and invite people to interact with. My sales have increased. I’ve made some great connections.”

As some of you know, my goal since I left my corporate job has been to help people become entrepreneurs; to coach them mentally and financially. It was a driving factor on why I wanted to create this flexible office space….

As you can imagine, I was happy to hear his response! But what really warmed my heart and gave me complete validation for what I have created was what he said next.

“The space has helped me professionally, but it has given me so much more personally. It has given me more confidence as a business owner, and as a person. I like myself more at the L. I feel like this is …. Like… my soul family here. My home away from home. I was in my apartment for a year in a new city. So it feels like I went from a butterfly in a chrysalis to now spreading my wings”

James, we absolutely love that we are your soul family, but you help to make this family! We are extremely grateful for you!

Connect with James here: | IG:@thejameswilhite

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Annette Martin
Annette Martin
Jul 01, 2021

James has been a pleasure to have around here at the L. Shortly after joining he came into the boutique and introduced himself to me and we had a lengthy & impactful conversation that prompted me to build my new Google Business Page and to move forward on some business ideas that I had been putting off. He is motivating, always has a great attitude and a heart warming smile on his face. So happy he's a part of The L Offices!

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