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Sit in a new mindset.. change the energy.. hiring made easy

If you live in Tucson, and run a business, you definitely should know Devon Underwood and The Talent Store! She gives so much of her personal time and resources to enhancing Tucson’s economic development.

Devon is the CEO and Founder of The Talent Store. The Talent Store helps businesses in two main ways. Leadership Recruitment & Talent Strategy Advising.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you have a small to mid size business and you are growing or looking to hire, Devon and her team to do the heavy lifting for you. They help you flesh out the role, advertise the position, reach out proactively to talent that may not be actively looking, handle all candidate communication, conduct pre-screening of the candidates, and manage the interview process. She even will assist with the offer and negotiation.

Basically, you just tell them your needs and let them bring you 3-5 top candidates.

Her other expertise, Talent Strategy Advising, is teaching companies how to put a recruiting system and process in place. From employer branding to on-boarding, and everything in between. Her focus is to help you attract, acquire, and retain talent.

She moved her operations to The L Offices in March 2021 mostly because of location! She lives downtown and loves being right on Congress. Like myself and many of our other members, Devon was a member at Connect #Coworking before they closed in 2019.

When I asked her how she utilizes #TheLOffices to better her business, she said, “The separation from work and home is important for me… To sit in a new mindset… To change the energy. It’s a great building and great people. The meeting rooms, conference room, and open areas are all useful.” She loves that the location is so easy to meet with her clients.

Devon is involved in many great initiatives in Tucson. She is currently the President of the Board for Tucson Young Professionals, A board member of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, a board member of Living Street’s Alliance, And a board member of Southern Arizona Leadership Council (#SALC ).

On top of all of that, and running her company, she is a Subject Matter Expert for #UACI University of Arizona Center for Innovation) where she helps educate on team and board development. WOW! That’s a lot!

When you hear of businesses that are growing, adding new positions, or changing their leadership, connect them with Devon. She and the team at the Talent Store are expert at helping organizations meet their strategic growth goals through hiring top talent.

You can reach Devon thru her website:


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