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A Professional Backdrop For Business

At The L Offices, we understand the importance of having a professional environment for educational events and training sessions. Our venues offer a range of features that could greatly enhance the experience for both instructors and attendees. Here are some key highlights of what we can offer:


  • Versatile Meeting Spaces: We have a variety of meeting rooms and event spaces that can accommodate groups of various sizes, from small workshops to larger seminars or classes.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Our venues are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet, and other tech amenities to support interactive and engaging classes.

  • Flexible Layouts: We can arrange the seating and setup to meet your specific needs, whether it's a classroom-style, theater-style, or workshop-style configuration.

  • Central Locations: Our offices are conveniently located throughout Tucson, Arizona, with ample parking options for attendees.

  • Professional Support: Our dedicated team is available to assist with logistics, set-up, and technical support, ensuring that your classes run smoothly.




Board Room at Broadway & Craycroft

This quiet room fits 8 around a board room table. Equipped with a TV display and large glass white board.


Event Room West at River & Campbell

Great for mid size meetings. Capacity is 18 people. Rolling TV display and white board are available. 

Broadway Corp Event Space 3.jpeg

The L Large Corporate Training & Event Space Broadway & Craycroft

This is our most versatile room. Great for company wide events, holiday parties, or non-profit fundraising events.


Board Room at River & Campbell

We have 3 board rooms at the River & Campbell location. 2 have windows and 1 is completely private. All equipped with TV displays and white boards. 


Event Room East at River & Campbell

Beautiful views of the foothills from this corner meeting room. Capacity of this room is 35 theater style, 24 classroom style, or 21 U-shape setup. 


Downtown Private Outdoor Courtyard Event Space

Enjoy our outdoor venue in a private courtyard on the corner of Congress and 5th. Across from the AC Marriott and Playground. 


Small Event Room at Broadway & Craycroft

This room fits 20 around a board room table or U-shape layout. Classroom style fits 22. 


Large Event Room at River & Campbell

This large event space seats up to 75 people theater style or 55 classroom style. This room is also great for social events such as retirement parties and baby or bridal showers. 


Downtown Indoor Mixer & Event Space inside Proper Shops


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