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Learn how this member has brought financial "Blessing"s to other members at the L Offices

Meet Joshua Blessing with Blessing Capital! Joshua provides financing to small businesses. This includes, but is not limited to #realestate loans, lines of credit, and working capital (Doesn’t every business owner want more of this)!!

A few things that make Joshua so valuable is 1) he is so easy to talk to and comforting to the small business owner. 2) He is able to truly customize a loan for his clients. He talks to the banks on our behalf. Even if the individual is turned down from the bank, due to credit or lack of years in business, he is typically able to approval the loan for them. This is largely in part to the advantage of Joshua having access to multiple finance and loan products.

I asked Joshua, what lead to his start in this industry?

He said, “ I started my career as a commercial real estate broker, but I wanted more time freedom for myself. Commercial real estate was draining. I was passionate about investing.“

Joshua then took a course in New York called Commercial Capital Training Group. Invested in the full course and then he…. “Just went for it! I burnt all the boats”

In 2017, after some time in California, Joshua and his wife Anna fell in love with #Tucson and made the move. His wife found #theLoffices online and convinced him he would be more productive out of the house, and she was right! (Thank you Anna! Joshua has been valuable to our members at The L Offices!!)

He previously had an office at Regus, but it had a very cooperate feel. There was no personal touch. Blessing Capital joined our downtown location on Congress Street in November 2021, and recently moved to our new River and Campbell location.

The part of Joshua’s interview that made my soul so happy, was to hear about his recent career WIN! Joshua met a major referral partner by being in the The L Offices and just closed a 5-million-dollar deal! YES! Congratulations Joshua, we love seeing businesses win!

If you are a small business owner or an inspiring real estate #investor looking for loans ranging from $50,000 to 5 million dollars, contact Joshua and start the conversation today!


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