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“Whenever people visit, I am able to wow them, but it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to wow them.”

I recently had time to sit with Jenifer Patterson, owner of Senior Solutions USA, and part time member of The L Offices coworking space. She found the L offices online after learning about coworking, and being impressed, when visiting Industrious in Phoenix.

She initially looked at another space in Tucson and was shocked at the high cost for as little as you get. It was just a small room with a desk.

She ultimately chose The L Offices as her home and we are so happy she did! She selected a part-time membership option. “The L Offices has several options and it’s month to month. There’s no long term commitment.” The flexibility was most important to her. She also felt The L Offices provided so much more value.

“I have been able to meet clients here, new agents here, I just had my big event which was agent prospecting and agent training. I brought in the carriers which opened opportunities for myself and my agents to build relationships. Being able to have my healthcare expo here is huge. I can’t get that at a regular office space. ”

One thing we love about Jenifer is the way she embraces The L Offices as if she owns it! This is exactly how we want all of our members to feel. She recently celebrated her 1 year business ownership ribbon cutting at The L! (See photo)

“Whenever people visit, I am able to wow them, but it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to wow them.” The first thing she points out is how we repurposed as much of our building materials from the old space for the new build-out. Our kitchen table is made from old beams in the previous ceiling, our planters are made from old heating radiators, and our old original wood floors were taken from an old church.

“That’s invaluable when you look at our environment right now. The feeling that it has…. it doesn’t feel like a regular office.” She continued to speak about our incredible operations manager, Tom Epperson! “It’s so welcoming. Especially Tom! I love Tom! He’s so laid back and helpful!”

If you haven’t met Tom, you definitely need to! Jenifer is 100% correct. He embodies the feeling we strive to have! He’s the main face of the L Offices and I am confident that if you office here, you will also love Tom!

Please think about Jenifer when talking to friends and family turning 65 and new to Medicare. She helps them navigate the over-complicated insurance industry. Contact Jenifer Patterson at 520-275-3529 or

Even though Jenifer is part time at The L Offices, she’s a full-time contributor to our highly motivated and productive environment!


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