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“I wanted to find a way to sell my products and help others who were stuck at home sell theirs.”

This member added a whole new vision and value to traditional coworking! Annette Martin definitely brought the FUN into our slogan, Work, Fitness, Fun! She was a surprise blessing to The L Offices, and me, when she opened the Elle Boutique within the space! I never imagined how having a retail store and vendor events in our office and how it would increase business for other members!

“I have always wanted to have a retail space for the last 10 years and it never seemed feasible” Annette said in a recent interview I had with her.

She built her successful (and addicting;) retail line Whatsnappenin , which is an array of accessories, jewelry, hats, sunglasses and more that let you switch out snaps to match your personality, outfit, holiday, mood, etc!

Annette Martin (2nd from left) with good friends!

Her typical marketing was in person at vendor events, farmers markets, trade shows, which was completely stopped with Covid-19. Towards the end of the pandemic she saw the L offices. “I wanted to find a way to sell my products and help others who were stuck at home sell theirs.” She grew up in Tucson and has a love of supporting local and knew she could do that through a retail shop.

“I found this space was a perfect fit.. as I could also help others as well thru events.” Annette started an event called Women, Wine, & Winning Wednesday. This event exploded with success right out of the gate and has a waiting list for vendors to get a spot. She has hosted this event at The L Offices for the last 4 months. Vendors and visitors come from all over Tucson to attend. It is not uncommon for the night to end with a bunch of women (and some men:) letting loose and dancing to the DJ! “I have people messaging me daily saying they have heard about the event and would like to be involved. The location we are having it is a big reason why it’s so successful. It’s a place people want to come again and again.“ Leasing a desk or private office at The L Offices gives business owners a free booth at these events. It brings incredible exposure and great leads to their company! It’s one way Annette has helped drive business to other members in the office! “What better place to be then the middle of downtown to reconnect …. and in this space. Who wouldn’t want to work here.” In the near future, she plans on using the event space at The L to have workshops for small entrepreneur starting out. “I will give them tools and steps to take when starting a business. It can be kind of scary. And some people don’t even know where to go to register their business name, setup a bank account, getting a bookkeeper or doing it on their own. I want to make it easier for others get started in business.“ Annette, you have blessed so many already, we can’t wait to watch what you do next! Thanks for being a great friend and one of our first members!

If you are interested in connecting with Annette, buying some gifts, selling at one of her events, or getting advice from a master entrepreneur, stop by her boutique or follow her on these social media channels. Instagram @elleboutiquetucson Elle Boutique FB group


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